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Titus dampers assure reliable damping at any closing speed. With its efficient modular design, they offer quick development of customized solutions for various furniture and other applications. Hydraulic damping solutions for effective deceleration of objects up to 900N and temperature range from -30°C to +150°C, maintaining a consistent damping in all conditions. Its fully controllable damping curve enables to fine-tune performance to specific applications

High Temperature Resistance

Titus dampers and damping systems work in temperature range from -30°C to +150°C. The extended temperature spectrum provides operational efficiency in cooler temperatures on one side and hotter on the other side of the scale. This can prove especially beneficial in ovens, coolers, refrigerators, and automotive industry.

Effective Performance Even with Higher Loads

Our dampers are designed to slow down the motion of objects up to 900N. Most common applications include interior glass, lift up or heavier oven doors. All dampers can be fine-tuned to achieve smooth and even damping action on objects of various dimensions and weights.

Titus Damping Hydraulic Damping Technology

Titus Hydraulic Damping Technology

Titus Dampers use Hydraulic Damper Technology to achieve optimal results for any project. Titus dampers can slow down linear or rotary movement before reaching a resting position.

By converting kinetic energy into thermal energy, hydraulic dampers reduce hard shocks and oscillation amplitudes. In a linear damper, the kinetic energy of the moving object is transferred through the steel rod to the valve in the damping cylinder. Hydraulic fluid is pushed through the valve and heat is generated. As the spring returns the valve to its original position, hydraulic fluid flows back into the damping chamber. This technology enables us to be effective in wide temperature range and to have a modular approach to our line-up.

Titus Damper Inside

Titus Damper is built with a multi-purpose hydraulic damping technology inside for a wide range of applications in furniture, consumer appliances, interior doors, bathroom equipment and automotive industry. Unique setup ensures life long performance and consistency with any range of forces up to 900 N. It can be calibrated to ensure fully programable damping action to fine tune to specific applications. It is hot and cold environment ready through wide temperature range and is designed to fit any application with it’s modular design.

Why choose Titus damper?

  1. Modular design
  2. Support and service
  3. Safe & durable
  4. Over 15 years of damping experience
  5. We can deliver complete damping unit
  6. Customized damping solution
Customizable Hydraulic Dampers

Advantages of Hydraulic Dampers

Hydraulic dampers assure consistent and reliable performance at any speed. Their well-controlled damping curve fine tunes forces for flat, progressive, MultiStage, reverse, and 'with final release' damping action. It also controls the damping forces to minimize the bounce effect. Thanks to their inside valve, hydraulic dampers are less temperature-sensitive compared to shear dampers. They have a longer life expectancy than a gas piston. Their small size reduces costs, and their compact design ensures dampening of greater forces in a smaller available space.

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For more detailed information on our dampers and technical specifications, please download our catalogue.

Titus Damping Catalogue