Numerous projects realized over almost a decade equipped Titus with a wealth of specific knowledge and experience as well as with a range of off-the-shelf damper components, springs, piston rods, pistons, housings, caps, valves, and connectors which compose a damper fine-tuned to specific needs of customer’s applications. 

See a selection of successful soft closing and motion control solutions we have created in the past.

Soft Closing for Kitchen Ovens

Motion control in hot environment

Titus is a leader in damping for kitchen ovens. We have created efficient solutions for world's leading brands of household appliances. Our damper adds damping to closing and/or opening action, or it decelerates the final course of a sliding and pivoting oven door. Our family of oven dampers is designed for higher loads. They efficiently operate in temperature ranges up to 120 ºC. We achieve the adaptation to the specifics of customer's product by optimizing the damping force, stroke and characteristics. Contact us to find out how we can engineer customized solutions for you.

Silent Closing for Drawers

Multiple applications in drawer systems

Titus damper assures soft and silent closing of numerous of drawers and drawer slides used in furniture worldwide. Our dampers for drawers are extremely versatile: they can be used as a component built into the drawer system and upgraded with housing, trigger and spring to be simply clipped onto an undermount runner. This requires no major modifications to the existing drawer.

Titus damper is also the core element of Titusoft dampers for drawers, our universal add-on soft closing systems for standard single wall metal boxes and roller-runners. A growing number of our customers appreciate its low pull-out force combined with high consistency and life-long reliability.

Toilet Seat Soft Closing

Damping for toilet seat lids

A damping feature eliminates the noise and assures a soft lowering and closing of the toilet lid. Motion control devices also increase life expectancy and avoid unnecessary damage of sanitary products. Toilet lids will reach end position silently and safely each time, thanks to the transmission of the damper’s force type from linear into rotational damping. Improved performance of snubber also prevents breakage in case lid is forced down by hand.

Damping for Interior Pocket Doors

Hidden damping in pocket doors

We put the welcome advantage of hydraulic damping technology – its capacity to dampen high loads with a relatively small damper – to good use in our soft closing solution for home pocket doors. The damper's compact size allows for installation in a limited space available in the top rail system. Thanks to Titus robust, compact and reliable damper we were able to create an efficient and effective motion control device that guarantees smooth, comfortable and silent closing. 

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Soft Closing for Refrigerators and Storages

Damping in cold environment for savings in energy and maintenance 

Titus dampers are able to perform in a wide temperature range of 32 °F to 248 °F (0°C to +120°C), making them an ideal choice for smooth and silent motion in refrigerator elements. These can include pull-out shelves, doors, crispers, and drawers. Optimal performance can be achieved by tuning the damping force, damping stroke, and damping characteristics to match the requirements. Dampers can also be combined with housings and trigger assemblies to provide a completely engineered component solution.

Dampers are particularly useful in commercial refrigerated cases. They not only provide a pleasant soft closing for customers, but also prevent other doors in the display case from bouncing open, which typically happens when doors are slammed shut. Adding a simple damping feature can secure savings on energy and reduced maintenance/warranty costs.

Damping for Waste Bins

Soft closing solutions for home waste bins

The drop-down closing of bathroom and home waste bins can be unpleasantly loud. With Titus damper, the bin closes gently and silently. An adapted piston rod and a fast rearming action assure that the bin door opening conforms to the requirements for a series of quick consecutive openings and closings. The soft closing function protects the product from early wear and tear and extends its lifetime. The hydraulic damping technology assures a reliable and consistent performance throughout the bin's lifetime.

Motion Control for Hospital Bed Rails

Reduce noise and slam in hospitals 

Titus damper can be used to reduce unpleasant noise in hospital beds. For example, the descending motion of an aluminium guard rail can be very loud. With installation of the Titus damper, the guard rail opens comfortably and silently. We further improved the performance by adding extraordinary resistance to slam, which prevents breaking if manually forced down by hand.

Need more information on our damping solutions for hospital beds? Contact us and our engineers will be happy to help you with a custom solution.

Ask our Engineers

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